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What are cookies?

We mean the cookies that a website sends to your browser: small chunks of information that your browser recognizes. They signal that you have visited the website more than once. These cookies are stored on your hard disk. Both the server of a website you visit and partners of that website can place cookies. Rest assured, cookies only read their own information and believe us, they don't tell you anything else. Moreover, they have no access to other information, so no reason to worry about this.

Cookies contain the name of the server that placed them, an expiration date and a unique number code.

While those one cookies are not so good for you (read: lots of sugar, unhealthy), these cookies are good. They allow a website to better adapt to your needs and preferences and it is therefore possible to personalize the content of a website for you! This will only improve your online experience!

What cookies are placed through our site?

PHPSESSID (session cookie)

  • Type: essential cookie
  • Life span: session
  • Purpose: this cookie allows communication between web server and browser and temporarily stores information from your session. It ensures, for example, that you do not have to fill in a form all over again when you reload the page or make an error.


  • Type: essential cookie
  • Life span: 1 year
  • Purpose: tracking language


  • Type: analytical cookie
  • Lifespan: 2 years
  • Purpose: primary cookie used by Google Analytics, activates a service to distinguish one visitor from another.