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About JBC

History JBC


The story of JBC began in 1975, when Jean-Baptiste Claes lent his initials to the very first JBC shop in Schulen. Since then, the fashion retailer has grown into a leading family business whole heartedly serving each and every family.


In 1985, Jean passed on the torch to his children Bart and Ann, who today run JBC side by side as one of the largest Belgian clothing chains. JBC has no fewer than 115 shops in Belgium and Luxembourg. And boasts a webshop that has received several awards.


The entire #JBCfamily is proud of its Belgian roots and strongly believes in being grounded in the local community and supporting local talent. With initiatives such as their Local Markets where Belgian talent is given a place to shine. JBC strives for affordable and quality clothing, produced with respect for the planet and all its inhabitants. Additionally, the brand has been a committed member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 1 April 2015 and was also the first Belgian retailer to sign the Bangladesh Safety Accord. In the year 2018 Ann Claes was named CSR Professional of the Year, a fine recognition of these efforts.


JBC also puts maximum effort into the sustainability within its shops: in 2021, JBC opened its first concept store in Leuven, with sustainability and family experience as its focus. Interactive gadgets such as a do-it-yourself recycling machine, a 'Studio Unique' repair corner and interactive screens teach children all about sustainable fashion in a playful manner. The final icing on the cake, in 2021 JBC was awarded the X2 award for the most preogressive company in the field of gender equality.